Monday, May 7, 2012

Colten's imaginary horse.

The other day on a car ride Colten told me that when he got big, he was going to have a horse. And he was going to get to ride it.  This led to a conversation about the horse I had growing up, Bay Berry.  I used to ride him, and GrandBob would make me mow the grass and we would bag it up and feed it to my horse.  Colten listened to me talk about my horse and asked a few questions, but never really said any more about it.

Then a couple days ago he told me "Hey Momma, ya know my horse, Cherry-Berry?"  And I giggled thinking he was talking about my old horse and had just got the name mixed up.  So I said, "You mean Bay berry? Momma's horse?"
He quickly set me straight. "No BAY BERRY is yo horse. And CHEERY BERRY is MY horse.  My horse is fast and yo horse is slow."   And for the past week or so Colten has been going on and on about his horse, Cherry Berry.  Its really cute to listen to him talk about "his" horse and I've learned quite a lot about this imaginary animal.  Here are the known facts about Cherry Berry.

- He lives in the field across from our house.  We can't see him because he hides in the bushes. But Colten will sometimes shout when we are playing outside "Ohhhh I see his tail!!"  Colten told me that I will get to meet Cherry Berry when its winter time.

-Some days Cherry Berry is a girl horse.  Other days Cherry Berry is a boy horse.  Most days, he's a boy.

- Cherry Berry does NOT like bossy voices.  Sometimes Allie will go to the fence and holler "Cherwee Berwee!!!" And Colten will tell her "He doesn't like bossy voices so he can't hear you."  hahaha

-Cherry Berry looks brown but he has green and purple spots on him.  Colten says he looks like he's been painted.

-He is a good horse who likes to eat grass, hay and leaves.  And at night time he sleeps at the farm.

-One time when Colten was a little boy, he got to ride Cherry Berry.  But he doesn't get to ride him now.  But says he will ride him again very soon.

-Cherry Berry's best friend is NOT the neighbors.  Colten says he thinks his best friend is another horse, but he can't remember its name.

-Cherry Berry is fast. "weally, weally, fast." And he like good voices, birds and new friends.

-One time I asked Colten where Cherry Berry came from.  And his response was the only true thing  I believe about this whole story.... Colten told me "God made him. He really did."

Ahhh the sweet imagination of a 3 year old boy. Someone needs to talk to GrandBob about getting this boy a real horse!!

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