Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Cookies and sick kiddos

Woopsy. Long time and no blogging from me! To my surprise I have been really busy with my little photography business.  The support from friends and family has been AMAZING.  I am truly blessed by their encouragement.

I can't believe Christmas is this weekend! It came so fast! It should be a fun Christmas for us Scotts.  Colten is 3 and some what understands Santa.  He even got an email video from Santa yesterday and Santa told him he made the "nice list" and would be getting a special toy.  He made me watch the video over and over and over. LOL And whenever he is caught doing something bad (which lately has been a lot! That little stinker is on a roll.) Ive been telling him Jesus is watching and will tell Santa... he replies "noooo!" Allie is over a year and a half and gets sooo excited about toys.  She is really into baby dolls and guns.  Odd combo, huh?  My little Country girl.  I actually got Christmas cards out ON TIME! And I couldn't believe that we got a pic with everyone smiling and looking at the camera.  I thought it was going to be a battle.  Setting the camera up on the tripod, setting it on timer mode, running back to the fence and yelling say CHEEEEESE to the kids. I thought no way, they will not be looking, not smiling, not posing cute.  But we got a good one on the 3rd try and we were done!

Yep, we were rockin' our camo and Yep! Thats a          camo tutu!

Both kids have been sick for now a week.  Started with a fever and a viral cold that turned to ear infections and RSV.  Allies fever got really high one night. 104.  Scared Chris and I.  She is still fighting off a 102-103 fever today. Ugh! When will it end?  She is doing breathing treatments and is on antibiotics for her ears.  Colten is mostly better with just a cough left.  Im praying that the kids will be better by Christmas!

Today, the kids and I made sugar cookies.  It was... interesting.  Lets just say when it was all over with this momma had to have a glass of wine! Sprinkles everywhere, dough being snuck into little slobbery mouths, fingers in the frosting. Mmmm!! Makes you want to try some of our sugar cookies doesn't it?? It was definitely a memory!

I am going to try to stay up with my blog.  I really want this to be "here" in years to come for Chris, or I or the kiddos to look back on.  And if they are reading this one day here is a little note just for them.  I love you guys- Chris, Colten and Allie.  You make my life a joy to live and I daily thank God for you. <3

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Country Grace Photography

I am branching out into the photography world!! And I'm super excited! Ive always enjoyed taking pictures. Mostly wildlife shots from our ranch, sitting in a deer blind shooting with my camera instead of my gun.  Then once I had kids my camera card was, naturally, filled with pics of them.  Since college I would day dream about starting my own photography business, but never really voiced it outloud.  One day I was talking with my dad about how to bring in extra income for our family and i mentioned my desire to take pictures. He surprised me at how excited and supportive of the idea he was! It made me voice my idea a loud more often and eventually I just dove in head first. (not really knowing WHAT I was doing!) I researched cameras... went out just to look at some.... and came home with the Canon 7d! I loooove it! Next came hitting up family and friends for some free practice and VIOLA!! Country Grace Photography is in its beginning stages.  I still have lots to learn... lots. And Im still practicing on my editing technique.  But Im having a blast!  So here our some of my faves from the photo shoots Ive done so far! I would love to hear any feedback or constructive comments! 




Well.... Whatcha' think?  


Friday, September 9, 2011

Dove hunting!

This past weekend Chris and I and the kids went home for one of our favorite weekends of the year- Opening dove season! We missed The Friday hunt because Chris had to work but we made it in time for Saturday. Allie got dropped off with Gigi, ( she was decked out in camo - even a camo bow!) but Colten got to tag along and hunt with Daddy. Chris would shoot and Colten would run to get the birds. (I can remember doing this with my dad) We had a great hunt, killed a lot of birds and cooked them over the fire that night. Then all us "big kids" as in me, Chris, my brothers and cousins (almost all in our 20s) played Annie Over. A game we invented when we were younger. Colten tagged along and tried to play too. We stayed over at my cousins until midnight, I can't believe Colten lasted that long!!

It always feels good to go home for a weekend and spend it with my family. I'm blessed to have a very close, very big extended family! Now I'm anxiously awaiting deer season and more weekend hunts with the Zerrs :)

Monday, September 5, 2011

Colten turns 3!!

How? How has it been 3 years since I became a mommy? 3 years since Colten was born? I can't believe it!!! He is so big and he thinks he's even bigger. Coltens bday party isn't until the 17th but we had to do something special on his big day. Ever since we went to the State Aquarium this summer, Colten has talked about the dolphin show. So we told him we would take him to Sea World for his birthday. He was so excited!! We have been talking about Shamu all week and he was so happy this morning when I told him it was the day we get to go. He literally jumped up from his bed- tackled/hugged me and said "I want to get dressed!". So we were off to Sea World- Chris, Me, Colten and Allie! I was really excited about this trip. Grammie used to get us season passes for christmas as kids and we used to go with all the cousins. It was way different from when I was a kid.... I guess since I'm the adult paying for everything. Sea world sucks the money from your wallet!!! 114$ for 2 adult tickets. $15 to park! (whaaaaaat??) and you can't bring in any food or drinks. So 29$ for a pizza buffet lunch. Oh! And 8$ for a large coke. And to top it off they even get you to PAY to feed their animals. (genius!) 6$ for a tray of 4 small fish to feed the dolphins. But we had to feed the dolphins. Mainly, because I wanted to pet them :)

Now that my griping about what a greedy, money hungry, brat, Sea World is, is out of the way... Let me tell you we had a GREAT time! The weather was perfect! High of 90 with a cool breeze. Amazing! It's been topping out at 111 so this cool front was a lovely surprise. The kids had a blast. They "oohed" and "awed" at all the animal exhibits. They loved watching the shows. They ran around on the playgrounds and even rode a kiddie ride. And posed for pics with the shamu character!! Maybe we will make it a yearly trip on Coltens birthday.

Colten and me at the dolphin show

Chris and Allie watching Shamu!

And then Allie fell asleep...

Feeding and touching dolphins!!

After Sea World we went to Chilis for dinner. And then home to open presents. Colten got a big stuffed Shamu, a bubble football, puzzle and a new nerf gun. He also got a little tykes pick-up truck that even has a bed that Allie can sit in and Colten can drive them around. Of cours his favorite was the gun! And his target? Yep, mommy!

I'm slowly accepting the fact that my little baby is growing up. Colten is such the little blessing in our lives. I treasure every hug, kiss and wet willy I get from my little guy. And there isn't a day that goes by that I don't praise God for giving me my Colten.

I love you Colten!!! Happy 3rd birthday!!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

4 Year Anniversary!

Four years ago on August 18, 2007 Chris and I became husband and wife. The. Best. Day. Ever. That day was absolutely perfect. I wish I could go back and relive it over and over again. In some ways these four years have flown by. Some days it seems like just yesterday we were on our honeymoon in Hawaii. But then in some ways it also seems like 10 years instead of four. Not in a bad way by any means, I think it has more to do of how much our life has changed since then. It was all about "us" four years ago. Just Chris & Sal. Spending all our time together, doing and going wherever we wanted. We started trying for Colten and got pregnant right away. Married in August- pregnant by November! And then our life changed in ways we never could have imagined. It wasn't just "us" anymore. We were parents. Chris wasn't just my husband anymore he was the father of my children. When I thought I couldn't love him anymore - my love for him multiplied. When I thought my life was good before - it became complete. We are very different people now then we were 4 years ago. Better, more loving, more patient and undserstanding people. We are parents! And we wouldn't trade where we are today for anything. That being said, the kiddos keep us busy! And Chris' work keeps him busy. So it's important for Chris and I to have just "us" time again. We are blessed that we have the same interests. We both love to hunt and fish. So, our marriage isn't just based on love but on an amazing friendship. He is seriously my very best friend. We love hangin out together.

So, for our 4th anniversary we dropped the kids off at Nans on Wednesday morning. We attended a seminar that day. "Emotional Survival for a Police Officer and their Families" Then we went out for dinner and drinks at Gruene River Grill and then met up with our friends Johnny and Ginger for some more drinks and dancing to Gabe Garcia at Freiheit. Chris and I love to country dance and don't do it nearly enough!! Then, the next morning we went to Wimberely to zipline!!! We ziplined in Hawaii and it was amazing. It was on a ranch that they filmed Jurassic Park on. There was 10 or so ziplines that ended you at a waterfall swimming hole. (PARADISE!). It was one of the highlights of our honeymoon. So since we obviously couldn't fly to Hawaii for the day we took the 45 min drive to Wimberely to re-enact something from our honeymoon. Was it the same as Hawaii??? No, not hardly. The ziplines were shorter, the scenery wasn't nearly as beautiful and there was no waterfall. But was it fun?? Yes! We had a blast. And one thing was the same. Chris and I were just as much in love on that day as we were 4 years ago. Many things have changed since then, but one thing never will - I will always be madly, head over heels, in love with my best friend.

Ziplining in Kaui Hawaii

Ziplining in Wimberely, Tx

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Flashing lights

We kinda have a nightly routine here around the Scott House. At 7:30pm Chris starts getting ready for work. The kids and I flock to him, knowing he's fixing to leave. We all gather in our master bedroom to "help" daddy get ready for work. I love this time. The kids and I wrestle on our bed. Chris tickles them in between putting on his duty belt. They hide from him under the covers. Colten will grab my iPhone and turn on his music so he can dance. The kid loves to bust a move! And Allie can shake her little booty too! (Chris is worried). Colten talks pretty much the whole time, asking daddy about this and that and helping him put on his keepers. Then at about 8:30 Chris heads out the door. Like clock work Colten yells, "Daddy! I want to see your lights!" then we head out to the front drive way to watch daddy leave. Chris loads up Hondo is the back of his Police Tahoe- only after we all pet him goodbye- and Chris kisses us goodnight I always have to end our goodbye with "BE SAFE!" and he HAS to say "I will." then he jumps in his tahoe and flips on the lights. The kids LOVE this part. Allie squeals with delight and claps her hands and Colten shouts "I want to see the back ones too" so Chris turns the car around, turns on the back lights and as he pulls out the driveway we all wave and holler "I love you Daddy!" I can't see Chris' face as he drives away, but I know he's smiling. It's gotta make him feel proud to have 2 little kids who think he's cooler than superman and a wife who think he's hung the moon.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My date with a cute blonde boy

Today was Tuesday. One of my favorite days. Why? Because my Nan comes over and helps me with laundry and house cleaning. (yes, I'm spoiled) She also watches the kids so I can go to the grocery store. My Nan seriously is the best!! No one compares to her.

Anyways, so today I decided was going to be "Mommy and Colten Day". We were going to go to lunch and then to the store. I asked him if he wanted to go with me and he was eager to go! We snuck out of the house, Allie cries when I leave, and I told him he could pick lunch. He chose pizza. I was surprised. His answer is almost always "chicken nug-nugs". So we went to Johnny Carinos for a Mommy and Colten date. He was so excited that I was calling it our date. He kept telling me "Just Momma and Coco and nooooo Allison!" We have done "dates" before but this was the first time he really got the fact that it was a special thing just for him. So we sat in a booth, side by side, did some great coloring on the kids menu and ate our pizza! It was a great lunch with a great little boy.
Pic from our date!

Next stop- HEB. I was even going to a good mom and let him rode in the car cart, which I despise because the thing is so so so hard to push. But luckily some other moms had already been suckered into getting them and they were all in use! phew! So Colten said he wanted to walk. Yeah, a two year old walking thru the store sounded like a disaster waiting to happen. But I explained that as long as he stood by Momma and listened to me he could walk, one time of disobeying and he'd have to ride in the Cart. He did GREAT! And was even helpful. He loved throwing things in the Cart. So when we checked out I paid him in BuddyBucks. He got 2$ for being so good. He loves to get buddy bucks. He thinks it's some great game! And he always "wins" a sticker! Haha here he is playing the game. Look closely.. His toungue is sticking out. Gets that's from Daddy!! Any time Chris concentrates his toungue is out. Who would have thought that's hereditary?!?!

Then we came home, unloaded groceries and spent the rest of the day inside. It was 105 today at 6pm and the kids were begging to go outside. I had to think of something to keep them busy. First I let then play with dish soap and bubbles in the kitchen sink. They love to do that! But then I got creative!! Found a box in the garage and we made a racecar!!! The kids colored it with markers, we named it, gave it wheels and a steering wheel! Then momma pushed them in it up and down the hall as the squealed with delight. The Scottmobile is currently parked in the kitchen, but I'm sure I'll be giving more rides in it tomorrow!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Our new kitchen!

So after living in our house for 4 years Chris and I finally updated our kitchen! Something I have been wanting to do for a while now and on a recent trip to Home Depot voiced my thought out loud to Chris. He was, surprisingly, all for it! I wanted the basics done. Paint the unfinished looking cabinets, new hardware, paint walls and new countertops. Chris said we could do all the work ourselves. Side note: A MAJOR thing I love about Chris- the man can basically fix or put together anything! Comes in handy! Any ways, so the kids got shipped off to Nana's and then Gigi's for 4 WHOLE days (I cried many times from missing them) and we were left to start our project. Let me tell you, I've never painted so much in my life. Cabinets are so time consuming to paint!!! And they had to be double coated and the inside of them were tricky to get coated evenly. Thankfully my dad and Rj came to help out a day.

Like most home improvement projects we went over budget and exceeded our time line. But, I have to say Chris and I work extremely well together. I joked with some girlfriends that this project would "make or break us" but really I knew we would actually enjoy the "us time". We flirted, laughed and worked our butts off! Chris and I have always been best friends so we enjoyed 4 full days of getting to hang out with each other. But.... When my babies came back I told Chris "it feels so good to be mommy again!" When all was said and done Chris asked if the new kitchen would make me cook more. Actually, after all the time and energy I spent remodeling the thing, I'd say I've done enough work in there for a while!!! ;)



Thursday, July 14, 2011

Guns, Tigers, or Ballet Slippers???

Tonight, like most nights, Colten was watching Chris get ready for work. He likes to "help" Daddy. Sometimes Chris let's him hand him his keepers, the clips that go on his gun belt. But most of the time Colten is jumping on the bed pointing to Chris' gear and asking "Daddy what's that?" Well tonight he started asking about bad guys. "Daddy you go to work and shoot those badguys!" and Chris was explaining that he doesn't want to shoot the badguys just catch them. Any ways this led to Colten explaining to me, "Daddy gonna catch those badguys, and kick them! But not me! I don't want to touch the badguys. Badguys are scary." This then turned into a conversation of what Colten will be when he grows up....

Chris was trying to get Colten to say he wanted to be a soldier. He was making it very appealing to him, explaining how big and tough he would be and all the cool guns he would get to shoot. As a mom, I don't want to picture my now 2 year old some day growing up and heading to war. So I interrupted. "Colten you can be anything you want to be. What do you want to be?" his answer was "I want to be a Saver, a saver of the tigers!" NOOO idea where that came from but I went with it! Telling him how good he would be at saving tigers and such. Once again, that stubborn husband (who LOOOVES to aggravate me!) went back to talking about the cool guns and big muscles you get with being a soldier and Colten was seriously listening to this BIG guns and BIG muscle idea. So I thought "Fine! Two can play this game!" I then proceeded to tell Colten how I think he would make an excellent ballerina. "They get to dance all the time. You get to do shows on stages with pretty music and mommy would come and watch you!! And I'd bring you candy and flowers for dancing so good. And everyone would think you were the best dancer ever." his eyes were growing big and he was smiling... "Show Daddy how good you can twirl, Colten. Oh wow!!! Look at how good he is daddy!" Colten then proudly proclaimed to his daddy "Daddy, I gonna be a ba-wa-weena!"

Monday, July 11, 2011

I'm grateful for porch swings

The summer afternoon heat has finally died down. There is actually a light breeze blowing. And I have 2 little kids who are full of energy! Where would you find me??? On our front porch swing!!

When Chris and I were house hunting 4 years ago basically the only requirement I had was I wanted a large front porch. For one reason- I wanted a front porch swing. Well we bought a house, it had a porch, and thankfully my WONDERFUL bridesmaids gave us a front porch swing as our wedding present! Awesome, I know! So we hung it up and would swing in the afternoon... Just Chris and I. And I would dream of the days we would have a little one to rock to sleep on the front porch swing. Well after 3 1/2 months into our marriage we found we were on our way to fulfilling that dream!! I can remember sitting on that swing rocking my big ole belly and anxiously awaiting Colten's arrival. And sure enough, as soon as I was released from the hospital I told Chris. "When we get home the first thing I want to do is sit on our porch swing!" Thankfully my mom was there when we got home and she took a pic. Our first family pic at our house!!! It was the moment I had dreamt of for the past year.

And now??? Goin on 4 years later? Well our porch swing is still my favorite part of our house. I spend many evenings with a glass of wine sitting there; watching Colten and Allie run around the front yard. And if I'm especially lucky Chris is off and he is sitting next to me. Tonight was one of those nights. Allie was playing in the sandbox and Colten was watering the grass with the hose. (he LOVES to do this) And Chris and I were sitting side be side.

So when I'm counting my blessings tonight. I'm going to thank God for our front porch swing.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Very 1st post!

Woohoo!! First blog!! So, I've been wanting to do this for some time. But, keep putting it off and telling myself I'll start a journal instead... But forget the journal! Blogs are more fun, right? You get to title it, design it, and can post pics. Plus I can share with friends and family! So I set it up today... From my iPhone which was challenging! And I can't upload pics from my phone, only from a computer so that will have to be done later. BUT it's a start. Any ways, STORYTIME!!

This afternoon the kids and I were out in the front yard waiting for it to rain. Colten and Allie were playing in the sandbox while I was sitting on the front porch. The clouds were getting dark and the wind was picking up. Suddenly a loud and long thunder sounded. Colten SCREAMED and came running to me, obviously scared. I bent down to him "It's ok. Don't be scared. Don't you know what that noise was?" He nodded his head, looked at me with tears in his eyes and said..... "Yes. A big fart."

Gotta love 2 year old little boys!! And I totally blame him thinking it was a "big fart" on Chris. There is NOOO way he got that from me :)