Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My date with a cute blonde boy

Today was Tuesday. One of my favorite days. Why? Because my Nan comes over and helps me with laundry and house cleaning. (yes, I'm spoiled) She also watches the kids so I can go to the grocery store. My Nan seriously is the best!! No one compares to her.

Anyways, so today I decided was going to be "Mommy and Colten Day". We were going to go to lunch and then to the store. I asked him if he wanted to go with me and he was eager to go! We snuck out of the house, Allie cries when I leave, and I told him he could pick lunch. He chose pizza. I was surprised. His answer is almost always "chicken nug-nugs". So we went to Johnny Carinos for a Mommy and Colten date. He was so excited that I was calling it our date. He kept telling me "Just Momma and Coco and nooooo Allison!" We have done "dates" before but this was the first time he really got the fact that it was a special thing just for him. So we sat in a booth, side by side, did some great coloring on the kids menu and ate our pizza! It was a great lunch with a great little boy.
Pic from our date!

Next stop- HEB. I was even going to a good mom and let him rode in the car cart, which I despise because the thing is so so so hard to push. But luckily some other moms had already been suckered into getting them and they were all in use! phew! So Colten said he wanted to walk. Yeah, a two year old walking thru the store sounded like a disaster waiting to happen. But I explained that as long as he stood by Momma and listened to me he could walk, one time of disobeying and he'd have to ride in the Cart. He did GREAT! And was even helpful. He loved throwing things in the Cart. So when we checked out I paid him in BuddyBucks. He got 2$ for being so good. He loves to get buddy bucks. He thinks it's some great game! And he always "wins" a sticker! Haha here he is playing the game. Look closely.. His toungue is sticking out. Gets that's from Daddy!! Any time Chris concentrates his toungue is out. Who would have thought that's hereditary?!?!

Then we came home, unloaded groceries and spent the rest of the day inside. It was 105 today at 6pm and the kids were begging to go outside. I had to think of something to keep them busy. First I let then play with dish soap and bubbles in the kitchen sink. They love to do that! But then I got creative!! Found a box in the garage and we made a racecar!!! The kids colored it with markers, we named it, gave it wheels and a steering wheel! Then momma pushed them in it up and down the hall as the squealed with delight. The Scottmobile is currently parked in the kitchen, but I'm sure I'll be giving more rides in it tomorrow!


  1. Sometimes I want to be one of your kids! You're so fun!

  2. What a delightful blog!!! I love reading about your family. Your Nan is the best! She spoiled me too!!! Joy Ross