Monday, August 1, 2011

Our new kitchen!

So after living in our house for 4 years Chris and I finally updated our kitchen! Something I have been wanting to do for a while now and on a recent trip to Home Depot voiced my thought out loud to Chris. He was, surprisingly, all for it! I wanted the basics done. Paint the unfinished looking cabinets, new hardware, paint walls and new countertops. Chris said we could do all the work ourselves. Side note: A MAJOR thing I love about Chris- the man can basically fix or put together anything! Comes in handy! Any ways, so the kids got shipped off to Nana's and then Gigi's for 4 WHOLE days (I cried many times from missing them) and we were left to start our project. Let me tell you, I've never painted so much in my life. Cabinets are so time consuming to paint!!! And they had to be double coated and the inside of them were tricky to get coated evenly. Thankfully my dad and Rj came to help out a day.

Like most home improvement projects we went over budget and exceeded our time line. But, I have to say Chris and I work extremely well together. I joked with some girlfriends that this project would "make or break us" but really I knew we would actually enjoy the "us time". We flirted, laughed and worked our butts off! Chris and I have always been best friends so we enjoyed 4 full days of getting to hang out with each other. But.... When my babies came back I told Chris "it feels so good to be mommy again!" When all was said and done Chris asked if the new kitchen would make me cook more. Actually, after all the time and energy I spent remodeling the thing, I'd say I've done enough work in there for a while!!! ;)




  1. It looks really really good Sallie! You'll have to have me over to eat something before school starts. You think I'm kidding, but I'm so totally not! :)

  2. Sallie, it looks awesome! I love the white cabinets!