Thursday, July 14, 2011

Guns, Tigers, or Ballet Slippers???

Tonight, like most nights, Colten was watching Chris get ready for work. He likes to "help" Daddy. Sometimes Chris let's him hand him his keepers, the clips that go on his gun belt. But most of the time Colten is jumping on the bed pointing to Chris' gear and asking "Daddy what's that?" Well tonight he started asking about bad guys. "Daddy you go to work and shoot those badguys!" and Chris was explaining that he doesn't want to shoot the badguys just catch them. Any ways this led to Colten explaining to me, "Daddy gonna catch those badguys, and kick them! But not me! I don't want to touch the badguys. Badguys are scary." This then turned into a conversation of what Colten will be when he grows up....

Chris was trying to get Colten to say he wanted to be a soldier. He was making it very appealing to him, explaining how big and tough he would be and all the cool guns he would get to shoot. As a mom, I don't want to picture my now 2 year old some day growing up and heading to war. So I interrupted. "Colten you can be anything you want to be. What do you want to be?" his answer was "I want to be a Saver, a saver of the tigers!" NOOO idea where that came from but I went with it! Telling him how good he would be at saving tigers and such. Once again, that stubborn husband (who LOOOVES to aggravate me!) went back to talking about the cool guns and big muscles you get with being a soldier and Colten was seriously listening to this BIG guns and BIG muscle idea. So I thought "Fine! Two can play this game!" I then proceeded to tell Colten how I think he would make an excellent ballerina. "They get to dance all the time. You get to do shows on stages with pretty music and mommy would come and watch you!! And I'd bring you candy and flowers for dancing so good. And everyone would think you were the best dancer ever." his eyes were growing big and he was smiling... "Show Daddy how good you can twirl, Colten. Oh wow!!! Look at how good he is daddy!" Colten then proudly proclaimed to his daddy "Daddy, I gonna be a ba-wa-weena!"

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  1. I was simply taking the first step instilling patriotism, responsibility, strength, and honor in my son. I want him to understand that we that can fight to protect the innocent and the honest hardworking citizens have a responsibility to do so. Because "all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to stand idly by." I don't expect him to be a Marine because of something I told him when he was two. I do expect him to be a public server, whether soldier or peace officer I don't care but he will be one. And not because that's what I want him to do, because I will raise him so that is something he wants for himself. There will always be evil in the world and I want to know that should the day ever come that I'm not fighting that fight, a Scott will be there shoulder to shoulder with the rest of America's sons protecting freedom and liberty. So excuse me for trying to raise my boy right but I want him to understand that we that can are responsibile to do so. God bless America's sons and God bless the USA!!! STRENGTH AND HONOR!!!

    And oh yeah game, set, match for Chris!!!