Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Colten's interview

Colten's interview
3 yrs old

What is your name?
How old are you?
Three. Im three??
Yes. You're 3.
Who made you?
God did.
What is your favorite color?
What is your favorite toy?
I don't know.
Whats your favorite toy to play with?
My trucks!
What do you like to eat?
What is your favorite place to go eat at?
What is your favorite animal?
Umm a giraffe
What makes you happy?
Umm you. (mommy)
What makes you sad?
I don't know. Spankings!
Where do you like to go with Mommy?
Um, to The Jumpy Place
Where do you like to go with Daddy?
Uh, to the ranch!
Who is your best friend?
GrandBob is.
Who loves you so much?
God does.
Who do you love?
Anyone else?
You don't love anybody else?
(shakes head no) 
Oh yeah. Kay-Kay!!

---I wish fishing for a "I love mommy so much!" answer. Never got it! LOL

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Allie's interview

Allie's interview
22 months old

Recently I saw on Facebook where a friend had interviewed her daughter.  I thought it was such a cute idea! So I came up with some questions to ask my kiddos.  I interviewed Allie first and then Colten.  I will post Colten's interview later.  But here is Allies.

What is your name?

A baby! a yayayoopsy baby!
Your name isn't lalaloopsy, silly. What is your name?
How old are you?
I one! Co-co three.
Who made you?
God and Daddy
What is your favorite toy?
A baby!!
What do you like to eat?
What makes you happy?
umm dat (points at computer) and my gun! and my baby happy!
What makes you sad?
Ohhh… (makes a sad face)  Im bad.
Where do you like to go with Mommy?
To da store
Where do you like to go with Daddy?
ummm… ummm.. umm.. daddy! 
Who is your friend?
ummm my baby! A yayayoopsy!
Who loves you so much?
Mommy, yuv too much!
Who do you love?
umm baby!

And here is a pic I snapped after our interview.  She was in her pjs and getting ready for bed.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Salary of a Stay Home Mommy

Colten (age 3) just came to me with a hand full of change.

 "Mommy, I gonna give you this money because you were a GOOD mommy today!!"

I giggled and replied "Wow! I get money for being a good mommy?" Thats pretty awesome I told him. And then the thought occurred to me, "Wait, why is the first time in the 3 years of being his mommy that I have been paid?" I guess this was the first day I was "good" enough in my 3 year old's eyes to deserve money ;)

But seriously, in all other jobs in life when you have done your job well you get paid.  There is a paycheck waiting for you for all your hard work.  Or if you've really exceeded at your job there are promotions given.  This isn't exactly the case with motherhood.  In fact, I joke with Chris, that the only promotion I would be eligible for would be to go from a 'Mother of Two' to the 'Mother of Three' department... And Im not quite ready for that yet!!

And unlike the "paid" 9-5 jobs, motherhood doesn't stop.  I don't get sick time, vacation time or really even the chance to "clock out" and be done for the day! Its a never-ending job that can sometimes seem so overwhelming I almost consider giving up being a Stay-Home-Mom and go and get myself a "real job."

BUUUT... then Im reminded what a blessing it is to be a Mother.  I may not get paid in cash for a job well done but I get paid in ways so much more fulfilling.

I get paid in kisses.  They come first thing in the morning. Immediately when my two little ones open their eyes, I get rewarded with a kiss.  I haven't even done anything yet! No breakfast has been made, no sippy cups filled with juice but nevertheless, Im rewarded with a kiss.  They come in slobbery, sticky pecks of love and I never ever turn them down. (Although I do sometimes have to wipe my mouth off afterwards)

I get paid in cuddles.  I can get this sort of payment during any time of the day I want.  It only takes me walking over to the bookshelf in Colten's room and pulling out 'Goodnight Moon'.  And just like that, there is a toddler in my lap and another toddler snuggling up next to my side.  Squealing "Read it to me! Read it to me!" And then snuggled up together on the floor, or bed, or couch we read through the book and search for the mouse. Thats 5 full minutes of snuggles I wouldn't trade for a $5,000 bonus.

I get paid in grins.  Do you know how easy it is to make a kid smile? Tickle them. Hug them. Put on Dora the Explorer. Open up a package of gummies. Let them have a juice box. Surprise them with a new coloring book. Jump with them on the trampoline. Blow bubbles. Play Hide & Seek. Dance. Sing to them. Day in and day out these kids give me a grin, and their little grins go straight to my heart.

I get paid in "I did it Mommy!"s My kids are still so young, they are learning new things everyday.  And Im HERE watching them learn them.  Whether its teaching Colten to count and draw his shapes or watching Allie learn to take off her socks and shoes by herself, the everyday things that seem so simple are huge accomplishments to a 1 and 3 yr old and I get to hear them happily exclaim "I DID IT!"

I get paid in "Art."  Sure it may not be a museum quality Picasso, but who wants one of those??? I'd much rather take a scribbled on Mickey Mouse ClubHouse coloring sheet and the words "Mommy, I made dis for you!!" I'll pin that up on my fridge over some gallery awarded painting any day.

I get paid in "I love you"s.  Oh, those 3 little words.  They can completely turn my day around.  Its gets crazy around here.  We live in a small house, over run by toys.  The laundry multiplies by itself and the dishes don't like living in their cabinets and would prefer to stay dirty on the countertops.  Some times I feel like I can't catch-up.  Sometimes I feel like Im failing at the house work, or the parenting, or being a wife.  But those 3 words, "I love you." from the mouth of a sweet, tender-hearted 3 year old boy, or "I yuuuv you." from the mouth of a precious little 1 year old angel, completely fuel my fire and keep me going.

So, I may not get a check in the bank every month, and I definitely don't get a handful of change on the days Ive been a "good" mommy, but I get so much more.  There are those days when my child does something amazing.  Something kind.  Something that shows a giving spirit.  Or a forgiving heart.  And on those days I get the satisfaction of thinking to my self, "Wow, I must be doing something right!!"  And I know that without a doubt, I have already been given the biggest gift of all. THEM. My two children. Placed in my home by no other than God, to love and care for.  What an amazing blessing He gave me in Colten and Allie.  And they are well worth the "work" and the payout exceeds any salary I know of.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Family Date Night

Chris and I have made it a point for 2012 to have a date night once a month.  This date night is just about us two.  The kids know about date night and always want to go.  So Chris had a great idea that we should do a Family date night.  He mentioned this to me one evening when he was working an extra job and I mentioned it to Colten before bed that night and he was sooo excited! The fact that we were calling it "Date Night" made Colten giddy over the idea.  He wouldn't have cared what we did or where we went.  We mentioned some ideas Park, Zoo, Dinner, then I came up with bowling.  Colten squealed when I asked him if thats what he wanted to do.  The funny thing is, I don't think he even really knew what it was, because on the way there he kept asking so many questions about it. "Where is da bow-wing place?" "What is bow-wing?" "What do a pin do?" But he was certain of one thing "I going to be da WINNER!!" 

The kids had a blast! And so did Chris and I, watching them get so excited and squeal as their ball went rolling down the lane.   The bowling alley has this cool ramp thing.  So even if the child is too little to carry and throw their own ball they can place it on top of the ramp and push it down.  This is how the kids both started off bowling, but Colten soon proved that he could throw his own ball. So he'd carry his 6lb, orange bowling ball down to the lane and chunk it down the lane. And I mean chunk it. Not gently roll it, but more of a "throw as hard as I can" chunk it.  It would make a loud thud and slowly roll down the lane.  It was so cute.  And he would squeal and clap for himself.  He absolutely LOVED it!  Allie had a blast too.  But her favorite part was getting her own Coke to drink, Oh and the skittles too. Cant forget her skittles!!

Sure do love these little stinkers ;)
Mmmm!! COKE!

Daddy and Allie

This is the ramp that Allie had to use.  Colten used it at first but soon figured out he could throw the ball!

Bowling like a big kid.  
First game.  On the next game Chris bowled a 170! WHAT?!?!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A big pile of leaves!

I did yard work today. Yep, I went to the shed and found the rake, brought the kiddos outside and we raked up all the leaves into a huge pile. Which was the perfect size for jumping in.  Which, of course, was the whole point of the "work" I had just done :)

Its funny how something as simple as a pile of leaves can entertain 2 toddlers for over an hour.  They ran and laughed and jumped and rolled. I of course joined in too.  It was a wonderful afternoon spent playing in the front yard with my kiddos.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Our Christmas in Pictures

Christmas was amazing.  Its always so hard to figure out how to go and see everyone and do all the family gatherings that occur for Christmas.  So, Chris and I decided to have our own little family Christmas morning a day early - On Christmas Eve morning.  I explained to the kids that I had written Santa and asked him to come early, and since the kids have been so good this year and my sugar cookies are THAT yummy, Santa agreed to come early ;)  Then we did Christmas Eve night at my Aunt Judy's and then Christmas morning at my parents house and then Christmas lunch with Chris' family! BUSY but so so fun!  Here is how our Christmas went in pictures.....
What we woke up to Christmas EVE morning.  Looks like Santa came!! Kids first words were "ohhhh!"

Looks like Santa can be a bit demanding.....

Coltens words when he pulled out his very own chapstick "Ohhh!! I always wanted one of these!"

The kids loved their stockings.  Once Allie discovered there were lollipops in there, she was done for the morning! We practically had to force the girl to open presents! All she wanted was her "CAAANNNDYYY!" Chris and I had to cut her off after lollipop #13... seriously....

Checking out her really cool playhouse Gigi and Nana got her. 

Loving on her new doll!

haha fixing to have to help Colten rip off the tag, look at his tongue!

Love his excited expression!

I love Allie's Lalaloopsy dolls! They are too cute!

Just trying to get a Daddy and Colten picture and I get shot at ;)

Santa brought Allie a pink pony!!!

Family pic under our tree. <3 It was such a great morning.

Christmas Eve! Allie with Gigi! 

Christmas Eve, Me and my cousin Kate.  Before the annual card game of  "Spoons" takes place.  Which we play with forks, because we are dangerous like that.... I had battle wounds.

Christmas morning at my parents!! GrandBob and Gigi had lots of presents for the kiddos (and me!)

5 years ago on that same day he got down on one knee and proposed in that EXACT same spot.  And on that day too, I was also in my pjs.  So glad I said "Yes!" It was the easiest and greatest decision of my life, look where's it gotten me <3

And dancing Christmas night away in Quihi, TX! (With some very special friends!)