Monday, January 9, 2012

Family Date Night

Chris and I have made it a point for 2012 to have a date night once a month.  This date night is just about us two.  The kids know about date night and always want to go.  So Chris had a great idea that we should do a Family date night.  He mentioned this to me one evening when he was working an extra job and I mentioned it to Colten before bed that night and he was sooo excited! The fact that we were calling it "Date Night" made Colten giddy over the idea.  He wouldn't have cared what we did or where we went.  We mentioned some ideas Park, Zoo, Dinner, then I came up with bowling.  Colten squealed when I asked him if thats what he wanted to do.  The funny thing is, I don't think he even really knew what it was, because on the way there he kept asking so many questions about it. "Where is da bow-wing place?" "What is bow-wing?" "What do a pin do?" But he was certain of one thing "I going to be da WINNER!!" 

The kids had a blast! And so did Chris and I, watching them get so excited and squeal as their ball went rolling down the lane.   The bowling alley has this cool ramp thing.  So even if the child is too little to carry and throw their own ball they can place it on top of the ramp and push it down.  This is how the kids both started off bowling, but Colten soon proved that he could throw his own ball. So he'd carry his 6lb, orange bowling ball down to the lane and chunk it down the lane. And I mean chunk it. Not gently roll it, but more of a "throw as hard as I can" chunk it.  It would make a loud thud and slowly roll down the lane.  It was so cute.  And he would squeal and clap for himself.  He absolutely LOVED it!  Allie had a blast too.  But her favorite part was getting her own Coke to drink, Oh and the skittles too. Cant forget her skittles!!

Sure do love these little stinkers ;)
Mmmm!! COKE!

Daddy and Allie

This is the ramp that Allie had to use.  Colten used it at first but soon figured out he could throw the ball!

Bowling like a big kid.  
First game.  On the next game Chris bowled a 170! WHAT?!?!

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