Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Flashing lights

We kinda have a nightly routine here around the Scott House. At 7:30pm Chris starts getting ready for work. The kids and I flock to him, knowing he's fixing to leave. We all gather in our master bedroom to "help" daddy get ready for work. I love this time. The kids and I wrestle on our bed. Chris tickles them in between putting on his duty belt. They hide from him under the covers. Colten will grab my iPhone and turn on his music so he can dance. The kid loves to bust a move! And Allie can shake her little booty too! (Chris is worried). Colten talks pretty much the whole time, asking daddy about this and that and helping him put on his keepers. Then at about 8:30 Chris heads out the door. Like clock work Colten yells, "Daddy! I want to see your lights!" then we head out to the front drive way to watch daddy leave. Chris loads up Hondo is the back of his Police Tahoe- only after we all pet him goodbye- and Chris kisses us goodnight I always have to end our goodbye with "BE SAFE!" and he HAS to say "I will." then he jumps in his tahoe and flips on the lights. The kids LOVE this part. Allie squeals with delight and claps her hands and Colten shouts "I want to see the back ones too" so Chris turns the car around, turns on the back lights and as he pulls out the driveway we all wave and holler "I love you Daddy!" I can't see Chris' face as he drives away, but I know he's smiling. It's gotta make him feel proud to have 2 little kids who think he's cooler than superman and a wife who think he's hung the moon.

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  1. What a sweet family moment! Those are the ones that will be cherished for many years to come!