Thursday, September 22, 2011

Country Grace Photography

I am branching out into the photography world!! And I'm super excited! Ive always enjoyed taking pictures. Mostly wildlife shots from our ranch, sitting in a deer blind shooting with my camera instead of my gun.  Then once I had kids my camera card was, naturally, filled with pics of them.  Since college I would day dream about starting my own photography business, but never really voiced it outloud.  One day I was talking with my dad about how to bring in extra income for our family and i mentioned my desire to take pictures. He surprised me at how excited and supportive of the idea he was! It made me voice my idea a loud more often and eventually I just dove in head first. (not really knowing WHAT I was doing!) I researched cameras... went out just to look at some.... and came home with the Canon 7d! I loooove it! Next came hitting up family and friends for some free practice and VIOLA!! Country Grace Photography is in its beginning stages.  I still have lots to learn... lots. And Im still practicing on my editing technique.  But Im having a blast!  So here our some of my faves from the photo shoots Ive done so far! I would love to hear any feedback or constructive comments! 




Well.... Whatcha' think?  


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  1. Great job Sallie! Good luck with your future in photography!