Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Cookies and sick kiddos

Woopsy. Long time and no blogging from me! To my surprise I have been really busy with my little photography business.  The support from friends and family has been AMAZING.  I am truly blessed by their encouragement.

I can't believe Christmas is this weekend! It came so fast! It should be a fun Christmas for us Scotts.  Colten is 3 and some what understands Santa.  He even got an email video from Santa yesterday and Santa told him he made the "nice list" and would be getting a special toy.  He made me watch the video over and over and over. LOL And whenever he is caught doing something bad (which lately has been a lot! That little stinker is on a roll.) Ive been telling him Jesus is watching and will tell Santa... he replies "noooo!" Allie is over a year and a half and gets sooo excited about toys.  She is really into baby dolls and guns.  Odd combo, huh?  My little Country girl.  I actually got Christmas cards out ON TIME! And I couldn't believe that we got a pic with everyone smiling and looking at the camera.  I thought it was going to be a battle.  Setting the camera up on the tripod, setting it on timer mode, running back to the fence and yelling say CHEEEEESE to the kids. I thought no way, they will not be looking, not smiling, not posing cute.  But we got a good one on the 3rd try and we were done!

Yep, we were rockin' our camo and Yep! Thats a          camo tutu!

Both kids have been sick for now a week.  Started with a fever and a viral cold that turned to ear infections and RSV.  Allies fever got really high one night. 104.  Scared Chris and I.  She is still fighting off a 102-103 fever today. Ugh! When will it end?  She is doing breathing treatments and is on antibiotics for her ears.  Colten is mostly better with just a cough left.  Im praying that the kids will be better by Christmas!

Today, the kids and I made sugar cookies.  It was... interesting.  Lets just say when it was all over with this momma had to have a glass of wine! Sprinkles everywhere, dough being snuck into little slobbery mouths, fingers in the frosting. Mmmm!! Makes you want to try some of our sugar cookies doesn't it?? It was definitely a memory!

I am going to try to stay up with my blog.  I really want this to be "here" in years to come for Chris, or I or the kiddos to look back on.  And if they are reading this one day here is a little note just for them.  I love you guys- Chris, Colten and Allie.  You make my life a joy to live and I daily thank God for you. <3

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  1. I LOVE IT!! I have absolutely fallen in love with your family picture!!! ADORABLE!!! Busy time of year, maybe i can catch up on my blog ;) LOL hahaha. Is that the lens cap to your camera in your pocket? :) I love Allie's little tutu!!!