Friday, September 9, 2011

Dove hunting!

This past weekend Chris and I and the kids went home for one of our favorite weekends of the year- Opening dove season! We missed The Friday hunt because Chris had to work but we made it in time for Saturday. Allie got dropped off with Gigi, ( she was decked out in camo - even a camo bow!) but Colten got to tag along and hunt with Daddy. Chris would shoot and Colten would run to get the birds. (I can remember doing this with my dad) We had a great hunt, killed a lot of birds and cooked them over the fire that night. Then all us "big kids" as in me, Chris, my brothers and cousins (almost all in our 20s) played Annie Over. A game we invented when we were younger. Colten tagged along and tried to play too. We stayed over at my cousins until midnight, I can't believe Colten lasted that long!!

It always feels good to go home for a weekend and spend it with my family. I'm blessed to have a very close, very big extended family! Now I'm anxiously awaiting deer season and more weekend hunts with the Zerrs :)

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